About Jean


Changing metal into beautiful shapes and capturing the essence of a form fascinates me. Throughout my life images have constantly come to me of pieces to create, and the possibilities have intrigued me. Unfortunately, circumstances did not allow me to follow my destiny until my thirties, when I realized that I would never be truly happy or at ease with myself unless I began to make the images real.

A successful career in I.T. enabled me to finance my training over time and build up my workshop. I wanted to have the ability to make all aspects of each piece myself and so the process to achieving this has been quite a voyage. Having arrived here now, I know that the journey and the possibilities have just begun and are endless.

I am very fortunate to have trained with some of the very best - Brian Clarke: Silversmithing, Michael Goode: Anticlastic skills, Lori Talcott: Filigree, Eva Hoffelmaier: Granulation and Phil Barnes: Enamelling. The skills I have learned from these very talented people and others enable me to bring a varied palette of techniques to the pieces I create.

Awards and Exhibitions

2011/14/16 Goldsmiths Craft and Design Council Craftsmanship Awards. Winner of Award for Enamelling

2011 26th June - 3rd Oct. Ravenstein museum Netherlands. Guild of Enamellers Exhibition www.guildofenamellers.org/ www.museumravenstein.nl 


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